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United We Stand Stein

Hand Painted United We Stand Stein with Flag Lid

Our Flag is sculpted in raised relief, hand painted, and surrounds the outer surface of our elegant stoneware stein. In the center, a stunning eagle displays America’s official national symbol. A “U.S.A” shield with stars and stripes rests beneath the eagle and “God Bless America” is deeply engrained across the bottom. The names of all proud 50 states are mounted in gold leaf to the left of the eagle in a winding, circular shield. Above the shield rests a wreath and the Liberty Bell of Philadelphia, capturing the detail of the bell’s crack that exists today. To the right of the eagle appears the national hymn, “America the Beautiful,” also in gold leaf. The liberty torch sits above the anthem, amplifying Miss Bates’ sentiment. Deeply imbedded in a continuous, prominent band encircling the top are the words, “FREEDOM – UNITED WE STAND – LIBERTY.” The handle likens a strong, gliding eagle. On top of the pewter lid is a pewter figurine featuring numerous clasped hands, lifting a striking, hand-painted American Flag. Limited edition of 2,000 pieces.

Material: Stoneware Origin: Germany Volume: 0.75L Dimensions: 11-3/4"


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