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Lohengrin Stein

Lohengrin Stein

This stein is designed after an original antique stein at the King Werk factory. The renowned Gustav Thinweibel sculpted this piece in Urgenhausen in 1888. It depicts the tale of Lohengrin, King of the Grail. The main scene features Lohengrin in a boat drawn by a swan in an attempt to rescue the Princess of Brabant. This tale was first presented in the year 1200. revised in an opera by Richard Wagner in 1850, and serving as an inspiration for the castles erected by Ludwig II. The border decoration at the base of the stein features three pictures: Neuschwanstein, King Ludwig II and Richard Wagner. This particular version is a 4-tone cobalt blue/cream/brown and emerald green decoration. Handpainted with 14 different colors, accented by gold & silver. Conical pewter lid. Limited edition of 2,500 pieces, only a portion in this color combination. 14" Tall. 2 volume litre.


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